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I am a Certified JourneyDance™ Guide.

(certified by JourneyDance™ founder Toni Bergins in 2020)

JourneyDance™ is a hypnotic container weaving expressive movement, guided imagery, ritual, voice, and affirmation. We embody our temples on an evocative, grooving soul ride through the flow of experiential movement and musical qualities. We liberate ourselves on this spiritual and emotional journey that inspires uninhibited free expression of the true self. Our minds become clear, free, and positive; our bodies fluid, energized, and powerful. JourneyDance™ calls us to heal, get physical, call on our inner resources, and step into our highest potential. JourneyDance™ reconnects us with our innate state of joyous, funky, and divine well-being. Experience this high-energy movement process, and dance a spiritual practice.
No classes Summer 2022.

"Marlee!! What a powerful and joyful class!! We could see how much fun you were having and how you stayed connected to your body! You hit your stride right from the beginning. You are a wonderful mover, dynamic and embodied. We felt inspired by your class and totally felt connected to your vibe. We honor that you really enjoyed the experience and that is what we want for all teachers! You’ve got the JourneyDance flow and qualities in your body and in your language.​ ​You are expressive with your voice and totally have all dynamics for each quality!! You were smooth, soft, inviting, playful, intense, heartfelt, deep and prayerful. You are doing beautifully. You engage with your audience instantly and throughout in such a gracious manner. We love how comfortable you are with yourself, sharing your own wisdom, your feelings and thoughts. Your messages were received so deeply. Congratulations! You are a JourneyDance GUIDE!"

-Toni Bergins (JourneyDance™ Founder)