I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner. 

(certified by Usui Reiki Master Sarah Lamb in 2012)

Reiki is a healing technique from Japan where the practitioner channels universal life force energy into the client by means of touch through the hands (and yes this works just as well virtually!). This activates the natural healing processes of the client's body and restores physical and emotional well-being. Reiki is also very effective in balancing the chakras (the main energy centers of the body) to bring the body into balance and harmony.


Marlee is a rare reiki practitioner in that she has been certified in working with the Tibetan Chakra System and The Tibetan Five Elements, in addition to the Hindu Chakra System.

Marlee works with clients in person in Rochester, NY and virtually over Zoom.
If you are interested in working with Marlee,
please email her at
Marlee is booked with private clients and is not taking new inquiries at this time.


“I feel like my awakening/enlightenment/ascension has been aided and quickened by our session.”

-Ryan Nelson

“I had never heard of reiki before and wanted to try something new for self healing. I’m so glad I went with my instinct to try it! I was feeling complete bliss after our session. Keep up the good work, Marlee!”

-Lee Rosenberg

"After our session last night I slept really well, at least seven hours--which is unheard of--usually it's three hours at a time. So that Reiki really made a difference, thank you again. I feel so refreshed! Thank you very much!!! I needed it more than I thought. 🥰"

-Micah R Sylvester

"I feel amazing since our reiki session yesterday. Every time a self deprecating thought comes in, it immediately cancels out. I've been just relishing in life in all its beauty and with no hesitation to banish any negative energy ❤️❤️ I'm so grateful to you for helping me do this."

-Caitlyn Geiler

“I have never done reiki before and signed up for the full body chakra balancing package. It was amazing! I felt so relaxed and light afterward, I will definitely be booking another session again! Marlee is a fantastic reiki specialist and did an amazing job! Thank you so much, Marlee!”

-Laura Freundlich

"Marlee Dater was my first experience with Reiki, and as an artist of color, I was dealing with a lot of stress in the current climate. She was, however, very kind and relaxing, and she really helped me feel at peace for the first time in months. Highly recommend and will definitely work with her again."

-Michael Hagins

"Can we talk about the beautiful & powerful Reiki session I had with Marlee Dater? There was laughter, there were tears. But more importantly there was a clear, tapped in, tuned in, yummy Reiki connection. The lights were so bright! Thank youThank youThank you! And again thank you Marlee for reminding me & reinforcing just how connected and embodied I am. Also, just how amazing Reiki can be/is. Thank you for witnessing & being able to feel the work I have done on/with myself & for your feedback. It was truly a gift I fully loved receiving. ❤️"

-Susie Jones

“Firstly, it was unlike anything I've ever felt. Some sensations I had during the reiki session were pressure on my thighs, a feeling of comfort on my feet as though someone was holding them/massaging them, tingling and twitches. At one point it felt like someone was pulling my leg and hands at different times in different directions. From what you told me, I'm thinking these were the sensations of the energy that was no longer serving me leaving my body. Also when you were around my ankles, and you said a message was coming through from a female family member telling me everything was going to be okay, I started to tear up because I could feel with full certainty that it was my Grammy saying that. Thank you so much for your time, Marlee, it was truly a gift today and you truly have something special here that I hope you continue to touch other people with. It was a wonderful experience!”

-Ali Brinjak-Gray

“Hey Marlee, thank you again so much for helping me out today with your reiki services. I want to let you know I’ll be recommending your services to anyone and everyone in the future. I was having one of the worst days, and for seemingly no reason at all. I felt like there was pent up rage stuck inside of me and I felt so trapped and helpless. Your words resonated with me when you taught me about empathic abilities and how if I’M not at my best, or MY energy has depleted (due to me wasting it on other people’s problems, as I do) then this is what my body and mind will do to itself, as you cannot help others until you help yourself first. I’ve struggled my whole life with feelings of being unheard, anger turning into rage, and now after our session I feel the polar opposite to how I woke up feeling today before the session you just had with me. I had no motivation nor hope nor good feelings, and all plans for today had been thrown out the window to my depression. Now, after this session with you, I’m about to go back to start my day out RIGHT, the way I had intended to spend my day before I woke up in the funk I was in. Marlee, you were so kind to explain these things to me and you acted almost as a therapist to me when I needed it and I wasn’t even aware that I needed it. I was hesitant to try  “distance reiki” concepts as I’m someone who likes to feel the literal warm energy flow over my body that you get with a good reiki session in person, but I still could feel your warm energy through my phone despite the fact that we were not in the same room. Thank you, Marlee, for making an entirely shit day into a day that I can survive. Your reiki was exactly what I needed today and I cannot thank you enough for helping my heart to heal. I will definitely be taking you up on another session the next time I am paralyzed with stress, which should be in about a week's time! Thank you so much for everything you’re doing for all of us. Namaste, my funny friend. 🙏🏻❤️”

-Christina Balonek


Hi Marlee, I want to thank you for today’s reiki session!! Wow!! What can I say?! What an experience! I feel awesome!! I really needed this!! #Rebirth! Renewal! 'I’m just gonna do it!!'”

-Iris Severino

"The reiki session was beautiful. I'm so grateful. ❤️ Like. Wow. Last night I felt SO GOOD. The rest of my evening. Like, light. I feel so proud of me! ❤️❤️❤️ I feel so confident!! Who knew??  ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for helping me!"


"Marlee has a way of seeing through your outside, protective layers and addressing your inner self. She's calm, caring, and patient. Talking to her feels like addressing an old, reliable friend who just happens to give great advice. She's more than happy to listen and/or talk! Whether it's coaching, self tapes, or simply life advice, Marlee Dater is my go to guide."

-Parker Damm