"Drop into sacred song space with us as we honor ourselves, our bodies, and our voices together in community. Through various somatic embodiment practices and breath-work, we will relax our nervous systems and free up our throat chakras so we can enter a place of reconnection and remembering of who we are and what we are here for!

Each week we will tone, sound, and explore group vocal improvisation exercises to connect to our voices and to each other. Our unique soul songs long to be heard, and this class is an opportunity to free our voices in a safe community container. Discover your own tone and rhythm, share your soul song, and begin to embody your authentic voice out in the world!

No previous singing experience is needed, and there will be no notes to hit or expectations to fill… this class is all about expressing your voice and vibration freely for our individual and collective healing and empowerment. We hope to make sweet, sweet music with you soon!"

I am a Professionally Trained Singer and Vocal Alchemist. 

(received a Bachelor's Degree in Music Theatre in 2011 and studied Vocal Alchemy with sound healer Malia Kulp in 2017)

Vocal Alchemy is a healing modality combining voice work, vibration, and expression with the healing power of sound. Often times no words or notes are used while singing in this modality, instead allowing the "soul's song" to emerge. This modality reconnects the singer to their body, breath, and inner voice as they open their throat chakra and voice their truth to the world. In addition, group singing in this way allows us to weave our rhythms and tones with one another and be a witness as we free our voices, free ourselves, and raise our vibration! 


Marlee works with individuals and groups in person in Rochester, NY. If you are interested in working with Marlee, please email her at
No classes Summer 2022